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What The Future For Car Technology

In the last century, we have seen car audio technology gain momentum. Starting out as a basic radio, in-car technology has come far. Now, we have complicated car audio systems, car DVD players, Bluetooth, sat-nav and GPS. All of which have been created to make car journey’s much easier and far more fun.

So where do we go from here? Already, this year we have seen touch screens and function enriched sat-nav systems hit the car audio market – yet what does the future hold for in-car technology?

In early 2010, German scientists developed a new car technology known as ‘EyeDriver’. It pretty much does as it says, it allows you to drive your car with your eyes alone. This new technology works by the driver wearing the special helmet, which holds two cameras and an infrared LED. Camera one points in the directions the driver’s eyes are looking (the scene camera), whilst the other focuses on the driver’s eye (the eye camera). This new and complex system automatically recognises the direction the driver is looking at, which is then relayed to a computer and then over a LAN network to the car, in turn steering the car accordingly.

Of course, being a very new technology, ‘EyeDriver’ has a few problems, which are yet to be overcome. If a driver gets distracted, the technology is bound to follow where he or she focuses upon, making it somewhat of a danger on the road. ‘Free ride’, as this mode is known as, allows a driver to have complete control over the car’s steering via the eyes, meaning their mistakes are outputted too. The scientists; however, claim that this can easily be overcome by creating an almost completely automated car using what they called ‘Routing’ mode, which only needs the driver to steer using this technology at a junction.

The future looks bright for in-car technology as it rapidly expands to cover all possible needs of a driver. Yet, before this technology can be released, it is yet to be confirmed as completely safe.

Smart Phone Technologies

Most online article marketer writers have a specific niche they are trying to dominate, or at least get their fair share to. To do this the article author needs to work very hard to concentrate on their reader’s interests and they need to work hard to provide quality information, data, and make an impression. This is not so easy to do.

Not long ago an individual online article marketer was having trouble writing articles about renewable energy and smart grids. It’s not that the author didn’t know the information, as they had been studying some three-days a week – the challenge was that the specific niche chosen, well, there just was not all that much information available to research online.

Now then, let’s take a case study scenario. Let’s say you are going to be writing articles about cell phones and smart phones. What should you write about? Well, how about we discuss this a little about. Let’s call this our; Telecommunication Writing Project, and let’s comment about what types of things our reader might be interested in. First, we know they might like to learn of the new features of smart phones right? Sure, but let’s not stop there.

Below is a list of other valuable information they might like to learn about, information that could easily have the key words in the articles, which they may be searching online. So, let’s determine how many articles about each we should perhaps prepare, and let’s pick numbers that will be easy to write without too much hardship:

  • 2 Articles Comdex
  • 2 FCC Articles
  • 2 Congress Telecommunication Issues
  • 2 Articles on CES Show
  • 8 Articles on Cell Phones types

What about other telecommunication topics; shouldn’t we be writing articles n all sorts of telecommunication topics. Here are 16 articles on Telecommunication Topics which could fill that bill:

  • 8 Articles on Technological Future of Mobile Communication
  • 4 Articles on Opinion of Telecommunication
  • 4 Articles on Phone Company Coverage, Calling Plans

The realm of potential topics on this subject could be plentiful as a friend of mine recently told me. Potential width of topics:

“CES exploits, COMDEX, 4G wireless tech, GPS tech, Android Tech, and the cable industry/telecom mix, future of WiMax, consumer rates, FCC regulations, proposed bills in Congress, economics of telecom, history of industry, future industry, start-ups, etc. etc. Is that your main focus telecom, phone plans, and cell phone technology.”

So you see, if you are looking on How to Write Articles on Cell Phone and Smart Phone Technologies, I think this article gives you some great strategies to consider, so, please do. And if you are writing on a different topic, I sure hope this discussion is worthy.