Biosphere Technology

It is no doubt that the world is in need of sustainable energy that would cater our increasing energy needs today and for the future. We cannot remain dependent on fossil fuels for it would destroy even our future generations. The adverse effects of fossil fuels particularly oil are visible in today’s society and environment like endemic diseases, climate change, extinction of many flora and fauna species and others. There are also the occurrences of socio-economic problems because of increasing oil prices. But there is still hope for this crisis. Green technologies like the biosphere technology could be the answer.

Many advances on science nowadays are gift to our future generations for these can eliminate if not lessen the serious dilemma brought by fossil fuels. For example the biosphere technology, a waste to energy system, can provide green solution to our ever growing energy needs. This innovative waste management and energy source cannot only help in providing sustainable energy but can definitely help the world towards a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

Biosphere Technology or Biosphere process system is an invention of Dr. Chris McCormack, the Chairman and CEO of Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF). It is a form of waste management system that uses gasification to convert or destroy waste materials into marketable byproducts including electricity or green energy, carbon black, high alloy steel wire, pozzolanic ash and potable water. All its byproducts are valuable in economic development particularly in the energy industry. If this technology can be further developed then there would be any problem with our energy needs and environmental conservation.

Among all other green technologies, this is the most feasible one to support our future energy without harming the environment and human health.