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Bluetooth and the Future

tc3The future of Bluetooth technology is indeed bright and it holds a number of possibilities which are being realized with all of the latest devices that are been released from a number of companies. This type of technology has been seen in new products that companies like Nokia, Sony, and Microsoft have come out with.

Although it is true that Bluetooth technology is used primarily for communication purposes, it has also served a number of other purposes. There are marketing reports which state that Bluetooth technology will be responsible for the creation of over 100 new devices which will soon be on the market and available to the general public.

When it comes to this technology the possibilities are almost endless. While it may have started out as a close-range form of communication which resulted in headsets for mobile phones, there is much more to it than just that. Since the invention of Bluetooth technology, it has enabled millions of people to talk with each other without having to actually speak into their phones as well as

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Benefits Of Future Technology


In this write up, the readers will get information on future technology and learn to what extent modern technology has been developed to assist the growth of human civilization.

Technology of the Future would be more sophisticated and user friendly. The rapid technological advancement will make technology more convenient and usable. New technology should be used for the benefit of the society. Now, it is better to say to what extent science and technology have been acceptable to the present generation. In comparison to conventional devices and equipment, future technology news states that ultramodern devices are more workable and powerful in their functionality. According to scientists and researchers, modern technology can make modification and upgrading of common things for their proper usage applying modern methods. The world will be more glamorous and attractive with newer technology and without any trace of carbon footprint.

If you check future technology news, you will find that there are newly launched products and technical accessories which have multifunctional features. For instance, recently Kevin Cheng invented Solar Planter which protects the natural

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Future Technology and Innovative


Greetings and welcome my radio listening audience and online article readers. On this 19th day of October 2012 we will of course be discussing future technology, future innovations, and futuristic concepts. Indeed, I surely hope the Mayan calendar was wrong, or perhaps those carving it merely ran out of stone simply, ran out of rock to chisel on, therefore the world will be saved from whatever it was that the Mayans thought might bring about a new age or renewal.

Okay so, I’d like to dive into our topics for today’s radio talk show and I’m sure by now you understand the format, basically, “I will do the talking for about 30 minutes minus commercials and your job is to listen carefully, come up with comments and questions, and then I’ll open up the phone lines to hear what you have to say.” As you also probably know I do not respond to online comments which are not intellectually based. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion, nor does it mean that it has to be

Infrared Technologies

Not long ago, I had an interesting conversation about the challenges of future infrared technologies and how they might limit our personal freedoms. Perhaps, you’ve heard that infrared is being used to help police catch folks growing illegal plants (drugs) in their homes, and they use this with a combination of watching the usage on these new smart meters, that makes sense and it makes their policing job perhaps easier. Still, there are issues with our Constitution regarding search and seizure, as you can readily see.

Of course, our laws hadn’t accounted for these new technologies until perhaps about 10-years ago, and now there is some case law on the books, some might see these cases as counter to the spirit of the Constitution and yet, this is how the courts have chosen to interpret these things, thus, these cases stand, and therefore, perhaps we might discuss all this.

You see, more and more miniature UAVs are being used by enforcement agencies, some call these units MAVs or Micro Air Vehicles, but regardless of what you call them, many of them do have infrared scanners aboard to catch evading suspects

Education Technology

Laptop and PDA’s

Individuals in the business world have been utilizing the power of the laptop and handheld for years now. The educational community has just started to utilize these tools in their schools. Many teachers have begun to use laptops and handhelds to create lesson and assess student achievement. Students with exceptionalities are also utilizing laptops and handhelds to assist them in their studies.

The future could have every student and staff carrying a laptop or handheld throughout the day. This phenomenon is already occurring in most post secondary institutions and as the cost of these technologies go down the more likely it is that every student will soon be booting up at the beginning of each instructional day.

Online textbooks

The financial burden the cost of textbooks put on the education system is staggering. New textbooks are purchase every couple of year only to be replaced a few year later with the new cutting edge book that is not much different from the previous. Many companies are beginning to create CD-ROM and online versions of their books.

In the

What The Future For Car Technology

In the last century, we have seen car audio technology gain momentum. Starting out as a basic radio, in-car technology has come far. Now, we have complicated car audio systems, car DVD players, Bluetooth, sat-nav and GPS. All of which have been created to make car journey’s much easier and far more fun.

So where do we go from here? Already, this year we have seen touch screens and function enriched sat-nav systems hit the car audio market – yet what does the future hold for in-car technology?

In early 2010, German scientists developed a new car technology known as ‘EyeDriver’. It pretty much does as it says, it allows you to drive your car with your eyes alone. This new technology works by the driver wearing the special helmet, which holds two cameras and an infrared LED. Camera one points in the directions the driver’s eyes are looking (the scene camera), whilst the other focuses on the driver’s eye (the eye camera). This new and complex system automatically recognises the direction the driver is looking at, which is then relayed to a computer and then over a LAN network

Biosphere Technology

It is no doubt that the world is in need of sustainable energy that would cater our increasing energy needs today and for the future. We cannot remain dependent on fossil fuels for it would destroy even our future generations. The adverse effects of fossil fuels particularly oil are visible in today’s society and environment like endemic diseases, climate change, extinction of many flora and fauna species and others. There are also the occurrences of socio-economic problems because of increasing oil prices. But there is still hope for this crisis. Green technologies like the biosphere technology could be the answer.

Many advances on science nowadays are gift to our future generations for these can eliminate if not lessen the serious dilemma brought by fossil fuels. For example the biosphere technology, a waste to energy system, can provide green solution to our ever growing energy needs. This innovative waste management and energy source cannot only help in providing sustainable energy but can definitely help the world towards a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

Biosphere Technology or Biosphere process system is an invention of Dr. Chris McCormack, the Chairman and CEO of

Technology of the Future

This might not be the first time that some of you have heard about it, but a long time popular science has been revived with the recent news about ETT, or the Evacuated Tube Technology. ET3, a licensing organization, holds the patent of this proposed technology of the future.

Technology of the future: Magnetic Levitation Capsules

How it works? Well, simply imagine a bright sunny day in New York and suddenly you want to bring your wife on a dinner date, in Beijing! The usual flight time for any commercial flight is 14 hours, and lesser if you’re boarding a super high tech jet from the Air Force that can travel supersonic.

But with the ETT, you can travel from New York to Beijing in just two hours. Imagine having that dinner date in Beijing and after you’re done it’s still a bright and sunny day in downtown New York. And the ET3 believes that the day of high speed suction tubes is not far off.

A proposed prototype of the Evacuated Tube Technology is a six person capsule that would travel through air-less

Key Drivers of Future Procurement Technology

With continued economic turmoil keeping the focus on procurement, newer technologies are continuously being sought to ensure the delivery of great savings and reduction of costs. Below is a look at some of the future drivers of technology in procurement.

Intelligent Reporting

Procurement technology of the future is set to shift its focus towards reporting that is more accurate. This will drive better business agility, as they become more responsive and predictive so as to allow for the reduction of costs.

Mobile Procurement

Procurement systems are set to break out of the desktop PC/ large application model, thereby becoming more mobile. This will apply both for the search-order-approve cycle, as well as the analytics on-the-go.

Secure Cloud Technology

Security will become of paramount importance to procurement systems. This will especially apply to cloud based providers who will need to demonstrate that their solutions are just as secure as the traditional on-premises implementations.

Accuracy of Data

Increasingly, data will be recognized as a key enabler of procurement technology, and not just its output.

The Lives That the Future Robotics Technology

Many see the future robotics technology as one where no humans exist, and all will be operating by means of a computer, this is in fact a lie and a myth. There is no way that robots would be able to love, care for, it does not matter which curriculum they are written from, there is no way that a robot would be able to love a person or an animal the way that humans do. You will discover your own robotic technologies by using the robotics technology curriculum or even if you make use of the most recent software as well.

With the high standards of the technology been used in this day and age, we are able to create prosthetic limbs and also rehabilitate a stroke paralysis person, there has been so many breakthroughs in the field of robotic technologies and this is something that you should never second guess, with saying this, you might need the use of this technology to save your life one day. While it was used during the testing of a stroke paralysis patient, the patient was able to regain use of his shoulders as well

resent and Future Evolution of Technology

These days, tablets, computers and Smartphones run our lives, but in a short time, the market has exploded with technology more than most people can imagine and to the point that they cannot imagine being without it. To understand the evolution of this technology from the dark ages to today, you should began with understanding how it evolved. Technology was born out of a purpose. An example would be in the creation of search engines, which are used to sift through all the massive quantity of online data.

As upgrades are made to technology, it combines with the present technology and creates a better technology that it was before. As this continues to happen, technology evolves to the point that it is an essential thing to have. Present technology continues to evolve into being even greater and more powerful. As fast as technology has evolved, many people have to struggle to keep up. Below is a short overview showing you how fast technology and the internet have evolved in recent years.

The Past: Back in the 1990s, the internet was something new that most, but not all, businesses and households

Information Technology


IT technology has revolutionised the way mankind have been working in last two decades. Today it seems that without IT nothing seem to work. West has made meteoric progress due to availability of IT enabled services available to them.

The developing countries are also making effort to catch up by training their population or making them IT literate. First objective was learning the technique to handle the operating systems available along with the database and other supporting systems upon which the empire of IT application is set up. Therefore, two distinct groups have grown the IT generators and users. IT generators are the technical people responsible for maintaining, developing and making it usable for the user. Users are those who use the application for their benefit. There again there is this training involved giving the users the skills to use such an applications. There again lighter knowledge of the technical aspect is necessary. The users are those who actually know and do the work which gives benefit to the organisation and the customers. Organisations increase productivity and customers get better products and services.

This is quite

Virtual Reality and the Future of Mankind

The Virtual Reality world is much like the present world in that it is “all what you make of it” and thus that truth will become quite evident for those who pursue their destiny and desires in the world of VR for pure entertainment or even enlightenment. Think of it as an Unlimited World with unlimited possibilities for the human mind. All this is possible and there are unlimited worlds to seek out, learn and create.

VR reality world like the World of AI and BioTech life longevity, computer-human interface is almost here and it will be when Mankind becomes his own God. The VR world has an incredible future and anyone who ever stopped to consider it would see that vision, and really who is to say this current life experience is not a bit of that concept anyway?

It fits Ockham’s Razor a lot better than the concepts derived from ancient religion and thrust into the present; right? I mean if one if perfectly honest with their observations of the life experience in this realm. The implications of a robust VR technological future is intense from a monetary

Top Technology Fiasco

We have reached the end of year 2012. It is good time to rewind the past and have a look at some of the technology launches that created hype. There have been several launches which had a critical impact on the human lives and some expected to be even better. However, some of the launches did not live up to the expectations. This article encompass a list of such fiasco happened in the year 2012.

Apple Maps: It was a complete mess and Apple’s top most software architect has to lose his job taking up the responsibility for its failure. Google maps were the default mapping system and Apple wanted to launch its home grown application. The maps missed perfection and accuracy. There were serious flaws in its design. Tim Cook issued an apology and requested the users to use maps of Google and Nokia.

Aakash Tablet 2.0: It had a big fan frenzy crowd when the launch was announced. IIT Rajasthan and Datawind, the manufacturer entered into a tussle over testing the features of the ultra cheap tablet. It further delayed the launch of tablet. It is now said

Technology, Internet, Hackers, Spyware and the Future

The hackers are causing havoc and spyware and malware is ruining the Internet. The Internet is the greatest communication device ever created in the history of mankind, but if it is attacked and made unusable then all is lost. Some people feel that there are just too many different types of ways people can communicated with them.

Pager, Cellphone, e-mail, Skype, website online form, forums, Blogs, VoIP, home phone and the list is expanding not decreasing. But so many are Internet based and most use phone lines or cell towers and thus it is all vulnerable and must be secure from WiFi, Mobile 3G, VoIP, security threats. That is crucial indeed.

Regarding the abundant communication tools, I myself attempt to keep it simple and understand all the comments from books like “Data Smog” and the comments of the uni-bomber (not his deplorable actions, his actual comments) with regards too humanism view points; “Personal Technology, future of trans-humanism VS. what it is to be human arguments” and yet I see some incredible opportunities and enjoy Ray Kurzweil’s stuff.

In fact, I was having a rather interesting conversation about

Smart Phone Technologies

Most online article marketer writers have a specific niche they are trying to dominate, or at least get their fair share to. To do this the article author needs to work very hard to concentrate on their reader’s interests and they need to work hard to provide quality information, data, and make an impression. This is not so easy to do.

Not long ago an individual online article marketer was having trouble writing articles about renewable energy and smart grids. It’s not that the author didn’t know the information, as they had been studying some three-days a week – the challenge was that the specific niche chosen, well, there just was not all that much information available to research online.

Now then, let’s take a case study scenario. Let’s say you are going to be writing articles about cell phones and smart phones. What should you write about? Well, how about we discuss this a little about. Let’s call this our; Telecommunication Writing Project, and let’s comment about what types of things our reader might be interested in. First, we know they might like to learn of the new features of smart phones right? Sure, but

Artistic Prelude to Science and Technology

The Concept
Russian Futurism was an artistic movement in the fields of literature and Visual Arts that hit Russia in the early 20th century. Russian Futurism took its cues from the famous manifesto published by an Italian poet Fillip Marinetti (1876-1944) on the front page of the February 20, 1909, issue of the French daily newspaper Le Figaro. Inspired by this manifesto, a group of Russian poets and artists formally adopted the ideology of Marinetti’s manifesto in December 1912, under the leadership of Ukrainian artist David Burlyuk (1882-1967).

The History
In comparison to its Western counterpart, Russian Futurism is an esoteric and little-known trend. However, it was an enormously momentous movement in Russia, leaving its marks both, in art forms (theatre, graphic art, painting, & poetry) and public life. The Russian Futurists named themselves ‘Budetlyane’ – people of the future.

The Details
Notwithstanding the apparent resemblance flanked by Russian and European Futurism, each had its own style, displaying the nation’s local traditions and outlook. One of the distinctive qualities of Russian Futurism was the merger of all probable styles and trends – “everythingism,” as defined by French Futurist poet Ilya

Technological Future of Business Training

Learning and assessment is changing for our people, our society and our organisations. The emphasis on who is responsible for learning, the content that is used, the platform it is delivered on and when it is available is turning business training and development on its head.

The whole approach to blended learning is rapidly evolving mainly due to the introduction of new technologies such as mobile devices, social media and gaming simulation. The technology delivers content instantly together with individuals who are called digital natives. The information is available and needed on-demand. The latest research agrees that organisations should combine different learning methodologies which deliver a sophisticated programme. Retention of knowledge works best with a mixture of formal and informal on and off the job platforms. Take elearning for instance, a foundation for any solution, in 2012 the market for elearning is expected to top $52bn and to continue to rise after that.

A perfect example of successful learning programmes is the improvement achieved in staff motivation. Often old methods of training and management control reduces the motivation in staff and disengages them. It filters its way to the bottom

Why Investing in a Mechatronics Technology Future

What is Mechatronics? By reading this article, either you are looking for a definition of Mechatronics or, like me, you are interested in the latest paradigm used in the teaching of industrial maintenance technology curriculums. Either way, I hope you find this Mechatronics Technology article useful.

Mechatronics has become a major player in many manufacturing processes. Mechatronics is the integration of the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering fields of study. These disciplines combine and work together in the planning, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair of computer controlled manufacturing processes. I believe the study of Mechatronics will increase because of the high rate of automated processes being put into place in manufacturing facilities. Due to this increase in automated systems, there is sure to be an increasing demand for qualified workers, technicians and engineers in the field of Mechatronics Technology. As a result, a large number of vocational and engineering schools have introduced a Mechatronics curriculum in the past couple of years.

A Mechatronics system is a “smart system”. A smart system is a process that is monitored by various sensors which feed data to a Programmable Logic Controller

Home Schooling and the Technology

Fortunately thanks to technology home schooling is becoming easier and easier for those parents in United States of America who have chosen to take their children out of public schools and to start teaching them at home. Additionally home schooling associations and groups are getting better and better and bigger and bigger and this provides them with economies of scale in order to secure the technological assets they will need to teach their children better.

If you consider high-speed Internet, videoconferencing, online video and all the online encyclopedias, white papers and research available you can see you just how great it is and how much easier it is to teach a child at home now than it was 10 years ago. Have you consider home schooling your child? If you have been you might be glad to learn of all the technological advances and all the different programs available online, as well as all the consultants and advisers who can help you all via the Internet.

Additionally with more and more shows on the Discovery Channel, the animal channel, the science channel and the history channel kids can learn by